Managing Alerts

The first section of each of the account centers is Alerts; for example, Cash Flow Alerts is the first section of the Cash Flow Center. This is where your alerts that are associated with your cash flow accounts are listed. You should review the alerts to ensure they are working for you. Is the timing good? Are there too many or too few? Remember, alerts are only as current as the information in Quicken. Therefore, it is important to keep Quicken up-to-date with the latest transactions and quotes using One Step Update or if you manually enter information, with your latest statement information. You can review, update, or remove alerts from any of the account centers. The process is the same. The example provided here shows you how to review and update your cash flow alerts from the Cash Flow Center.

Manage Cash Flow Alerts

From the account bar, select the account center for which you want to review and manage alerts.

To take action on an alert, click the links within the Message column.

To see a list of all alerts that are currently active, click Show All Alerts.

To remove an alert, select the box next to the alert and click Delete. A message appears, asking if you want to delete the alert; click OK.

To make changes to alerts, click the Setup tab.

Review and change all alerts as needed, and then close the window when you are finished.

See Also

See "Setting Up Alerts" on page 118 for information on how to set up and change alerts.

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