Part III: Venture Capital Investors

The first two parts of the book focused on startup companies their nature, establishment, development, and other relevant issues. The discussion in the third part focuses on the entities which finance ventures the venture capitalists.

Within this framework, we review the issues related to venture capital investors while differentiating between venture capital funds (Chapter 10) and other venture capitalists (Chapter 11). An in-depth discussion is dedicated to each type of investor, its role in startup financing, how it operates, its structure, and its distinguishing characteristics. Understanding these issues is essential for anyone involved in the venture capital industry, whether he or she is an investor, entrepreneur, or an advisor. For example, such an understanding could enable ventures to contact the investors most suited to them, to conduct a more knowledgeable and comfortable dialogue with them, and to upgrade their work together.

From Concept to Wall Street(c) A Complete Guide to Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital
From Concept to Wall Street: A Complete Guide to Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital
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