The distance between letters in a word.
key combination
Two or more keys that perform an action when pressed together.
A word that is part of the VBA programming language.
In Outlook, a color and short text description you can apply to meetings and appointments to organize your Calendar. In Access, text that identifies what each data series represents.
label control
An area on a form containing text displayed on the form in Form view.
See local area network.
Horizontal orientation in which the page is wider than it is tall.
landscape mode
A display and printing mode whereby columns run parallel to the short edge of a sheet of paper.
Publishing a Web site to the Internet for the first time.
Layout Preview
A view of a report that shows you how each element will look but without all the detail of Print Preview.
Left Indent marker
In Word, the small square on the horizontal ruler that controls how far the entire paragraph sits from the edge of the text object. The Left Indent marker moves the First Line Indent marker and the Hanging Indent marker, maintaining their relationship.
A chart element that identifies patterns or colors assigned to data; a list that identifies each data series in a datasheet.
line break
A manual break that forces the text that follows it to the next line.Also called a text wrapping break .
A hyperlink. Text that is a link is usually colored and underlined to distinguish it from surrounding text.
link bar
A hyperlinked list of Web pages within a Web site, providing access to the specified pages.
linked object
An object created in another program that maintains a connection to its source. A linked object is stored in its source document, where it was created. You update a linked object within its source program.
The process of connecting to data in other applications.
Items of information, either numbered or bulleted, set off from a paragraph.
live attachments
See shared attachments.
lobby page
An information page that appears on the server before the beginning of broadcast.
local area network (LAN)
A network that connects computers in a relatively small area, typically a single building or groups of buildings . Generally, all computers in an organization are connected to a LAN.
An example of a friendly name for an IP address. See also friendly name .
logical operator
One of the Boolean operators: AND, OR and NOT.
Lookup Wizard
The wizard in Access that simplifies the creation of a Lookup list.
Small letters, as opposed to capital, or uppercase, letters.

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