Key Points

  • Sharing a workbook enables more than one user to view and edit the data at one time, which is useful in group projects in which each member has a distinct area of responsibility.

  • Sending files by e-mail is a very efficient means of collaborating with colleagues.

  • Adding comments to cells is a quick way to let your colleagues know what you're thinking without taking up valuable space in a cell.

  • Use the Go To Special dialog box to find cells with special contents, such as comments, constants, or formulas.

  • Tracking changes is vital when you share responsibility for a workbook with several other people.

  • When your workbook's data is too important to leave lying around in the open, use passwords to protect all or part of the file!

  • Authenticating workbooks with digital signatures helps to identify the source of your files, so you won't have to guess about the origins of that next attachment in your e-mail inbox.

  • Saving a workbook as a Web-accessible HTML document is as easy as saving it as a regular Excel 2007 file, and opening a workbook saved for the Web is just as easy as opening any other Web page.

  • Use the AutoRepublish facility to update Excel 2007 files on the Web. Whenever anyone changes the original workbook, Excel 2007 writes the edits to the HTML version of the file.

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