3-D reference

A pattern for referring to the workbook, worksheet, and cell from which a value should be read

active cell

The cell that is currently selected and open for editing


A supplemental program that can be used to extend Excel's functions


The manner in which a cell's contents are arranged within that cell (for example, centered)


The specific data a function requires to calculate a value

aspect ratio

The relationship between a graphic's height and width


The process of examining a worksheet for errors


The ability to complete data entry for a cell based on similar values in other cells in the same column


The ability to extend a series of values based on the contents of a single cell


A Microsoft Excel tool you can use to create filters


An Excel technology that maintains a link between a Web document and the worksheet on which the Web document is based and updates the Web document whenever the original worksheet is saved


A program that lets users view Web documents


The box at the intersection of a row and a column

cell range

A group of cells

cell reference

The letter and number combination, such as C16, that identifies the row and column intersection of a cell


Visual summaries of worksheet data, also called graphs


Cells that are on the same vertical line in a worksheet

conditional formats

Formats that are applied only when cell contents meet certain criteria

conditional formula

A formula that calculates a value using one of two different expressions, depending on whether a third expression is true or false

data consolidation

Summarizing data from a set of similar cell ranges

data list

One or more columns of data depicting multiple instances of a single thing (such as an order)

data table

A new Microsoft Office Excel 2007 object that enables you to store and refer to data based on the name of the table and the names of its columns and rows


The cells with formulas that use the value from a particular cell


A program that controls access to a file or device

dynamic-link library

A file with programming code that can be called by a worksheet function


To save a file as part of another file, as opposed to linking one file to another

error code

A brief message that appears in a worksheet cell, describing a problem with a formula or a function

Extensible Markup Language (XML)

A content-marking system that lets you store data about the contents of a document in that document


A column in a data list

fill handle

The square at the lower right corner of a cell you drag to indicate other cells that should hold values in the series defined by the active cell

Fill Series

The ability to extend a series of values based on the contents of two cells, where the first cell has the starting value for the series and the second cell shows the increment


A rule that Excel uses to determine which worksheet rows to display


Predefined sets of characteristics that can be applied to cell contents


An expression used to calculate a value

Formula AutoComplete

The ability to enter a formula quickly by selecting functions, named ranges, and table references that appear when you begin to type the formula into a cell


To assign cells that will remain at the top of a worksheet regardless of how far down the worksheet a user scrolls


A predefined formula

Goal Seek

An analysis tool that finds the value for a selected cell that would produce a given result from a calculation


Visual summaries of worksheet data, also called charts


A reference to a file on the Web

Hypertext Markup Language (HTML)

A document-formatting system that tells a Web browser such as Internet Explorer how to display the contents of a file

landscape mode

A display and printing mode whereby columns run parallel to the short edge of a sheet of paper


A formula that has a cell show the value from another cell

locked cells

Cells that cannot be modified if their worksheet is protected


A series of recorded automated actions that can be replayed


A special type of hyperlink that lets a user create an e-mail message to a particular e-mail address

Merge and Center

An operation, initiated by clicking the Merge and Center toolbar button, that combines a contiguous group of cells into a single cell. Selecting a merged cell and clicking the Merge and Center toolbar button splits the merged cells into the original group of separate cells.


Data that describes the contents of a file

named range

A group of related cells defined by a single name

Open DataBase Connectivity (ODBC)

A protocol that facilitates data transfer between databases and related programs

Paste Options

A button, which appears after you paste an item from the Clipboard into your workbook, that lets you control how the item appears in the workbook

Pick from List

The ability to enter a value into a cell by choosing the value from the set of values already entered into cells in the same column


To reorganize the contents of a PivotTable


A chart that is linked to a PivotTable and that can be reorganized dynamically to emphasize different aspects of the underlying data


A dynamic worksheet that can be reorganized by a user

portrait mode

A display and printing mode whereby columns run parallel to the long edge of a sheet of paper


The cells that are used in a formula

primary key

A field or group of fields with values that distinguish a row in a data list from all other rows in the list


A file detail, such as an author name or project code, that helps identify the file


A statement that locates records in a database


A group of related cells


To update the contents of one document when the contents of another document are changed

relative reference

A cell reference in a formula, such as =B3, that refers to a cell that is a specific distance away from the cell that contains the formula. For example, if the formula =B3 were in cell C3, copying the formula to cell C4 would cause the formula to change to =B4.


A special document with links to one or more worksheets from the same workbook


Cells that are on the same horizontal line in a worksheet


Alternative data sets that let you view the impact of specific changes on your worksheet


A document that defines the structure of a set of XML files


Making a workbook available for more than one user to open and modify simultaneously

sheet tab

The indicator for selecting a worksheet, located in the lower left corner of the workbook window

smart tags

A Microsoft Office technology that recognizes values in a spreadsheet and finds related information on the Web


To reorder the contents of a worksheet based on a criterion

split bar

A line that defines which cells have been frozen at the top of a worksheet


Partial totals for related data in a worksheet


Data lists in a database


Marks used to indicate display properties or to communicate data about the contents of a document


A workbook used as a pattern for creating other workbooks


A predefined format that can be applied to a worksheet

trend line

A projection of future data (such as sales) based on past performance

validation rule

A test that data must pass to be entered into a cell without generating a warning message

what-if analysis

Analysis of the contents of a worksheet to determine the impact that specific changes have on your calculations


The basic Excel document, consisting of one or more worksheets


A page in an Excel workbook


An Excel file type (.xlw) that allows you to open several files at once

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