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Data Encryption Standard (DES) algorithm 
data sharing, isolated storage and 
data types
    assemblies and 
    C#/Visual Basic equivalents 
declarative demands 
declarative security statements 
    Assert operations 
    custom permission classes 
    Deny operations 
    Permissions View tool and 
    PermitOnly operations 
    protecting against 
        reasons not to 
Decrypt method 
DecryptData method 
    ElGamal algorithm 
    ElGamalOAEPKeyExchangeDeformatter class 
    RSACryptoServiceProvider class 
    symmetric algorithms 
DecryptValue method 
delayed signing support for assemblies 
    C#/Visual Basic delegates syntax 
    namespace quick reference and 
Delete method, custom event logs 
DeleteDirectory method, isolated storage 
DeleteEventSource method 
DeleteFile method, isolated storage 
Demand method, PrincipalPermission object 
Demand statement  2nd  [See also security demands]
Deny operations, security demands and 
deployment, applications 
DES (Data Encryption Standard) algorithm 
developer role (COM+) 
digest authentication, IIS 
digital signatures 
        managed algorithm class 
    assembly strong names 
    AsymmetricAlgorithm class 
    AsymmetricSignatureDeformatter class 
    AsymmetricSignatureFormatter class 
    byte arrays, verification 
    ComputeSignature method 
    CreateSignature method 
    defomatter class 
    DSACryptoServiceProvider class 
    ElGamal signature functions 
    ElGamalPKCS1SignatureDeformatter class 
    ElGamalPKCS1SignatureFormatter class 
    ElGamalSignature class 
    key pairs, creating 
    managed class methods 
    PKCS #1 Helper class 
    PKCS #1 protocol 
    publisher certificates 
    RSACryptoServiceProvider class 
    security objectives 
    signature formatter classes 
    signature function 
    SignData method 
    signed documents, altering 
    SignHash method 
    verification function 
    VerifyData method 
    VerifyHash method 
        embedding objects 
        signature creation  2nd 
        SignedXML class 
        signing algorithm 
    deleting, from isolated storage 
    searches, isolated storage 
Directory Service log 
Dispose method 
distribution, multi-file assemblies 
dlls, creating 
DNS Server log 
DSA (Digital Signature Algorithm) 
DSACryptoServiceProvider class 

Programming. NET Security
Programming .Net Security
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