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ECB (Electronic Codebook) cipher mode 
editing security policies, manually 
Electronic Codebook (ECB) cipher mode 
ElGamal algorithm 
    abstract cipher function class definition 
    abstract class definition 
    BigInteger class 
    decryption class definition 
    encryption and decryption functions 
    encryption class definition 
    encryption functions, session key exchanges 
    implementation class definition 
    key generation protocol 
    signature functions 
ElGamalAbstractCipher class 
ElGamalEncryptor class 
ElGamalKeyStruct structure  2nd 
ElGamalManaged class 
ElGamalOAEPKeyExchangeDeformatter class 
ElGamalOAEPKeyExchangeFormatter class 
ElGamalParameters structure 
ElGamalPKCS1SignatureFormatter class 
ElGamalSignature class 
ElGamaPKCS1SignatureDeformatter class 
ELS (Event Log Service)
    binary data in 
    custom event logs 
    event identifier and category 
    event source name 
    event source values 
    event structure 
    event types 
    message component 
    monitoring event logs 
    reading event logs 
    registering event sources 
    writing events 
email, resource restrictions 
    evidence in assemblies 
    objects, in digital signatures 
Encrypt method 
EncryptData method 
encryption  [See also cryptography]2nd  3rd 
        algorithm security 
        creating keys 
        ElGamal algorithm 
        encrypted data creation 
    ElGamal algorithm 
    ElGamal encryption functions 
    functions, asymmetric 
    RSACryptoServiceProvider class 
    session keys 
        block padding 
        cipher modes 
        creating encrypted data 
        encrypting and decrypting data 
        key lengths 
        .NET Framework algorithms 
EncryptValue method 
end-to-end security 
enterprise level policy 
enterprise policy level  2nd 
    C#/Visual Basic syntax 
    namespace quick reference and 
EnvironmentPermission object 
Event Log Service  [See ELS]
event logs  [See ELS]
event sources (ELS)
event structure (ELS) 
    binary data and 
    event identifier and category 
    event types 
    message component 
EventLog class
    properties and methods 
    querying ELS 
EventLog.Entries property 
EventLogEntryCollection class
events, C#/Visual Basic syntax 
    AppDomain class 
    application domains 
        assigning evidence to 
        assigning evidence to  2nd 
        embedding evidence in 
    Assembly class 
    assembly evidence  2nd 
    CAS and 
    custom evidence
        Object.ToString method 
    host evidence 
        ControlEvidence permission 
    identity and 
    .NET Framework, extending 
        assigning to assembly 
        Evidence collection 
    security policies and 
    standard evidence classes 
    standard types 
Evidence class 
    assemblyEvidence argument 
    ControlEvidence permission 
    hostEvidence argument 
    ICollection implementation 
evidence classes
    ApplicationDirectory class 
    Author class  2nd 
    custom, implementation 
    Hash class 
    Publisher class 
    Site class 
    StrongName class 
    Url class 
    Zone class 
Evidence collection
    adding types 
    evidence objects 
        shallow copies 
Evidence property 
Exclusive attribute
    code group policies 
    security policy code groups 
executable assemblies 
execution permission checks, turning on/off 
execution, secure applications 
ExecutionEngineException exception 
ExportParameters method  2nd  3rd 
Extended Tiny Encryption Algortihm  [See XTEA]
external resources, application domains 

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Programming .Net Security
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