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factory methods, CreateFromUrl 
failure strategy development 
FieldCodeGroup class, Resolve method 
fields, C#/Visual Basic syntax 
file authorization, ASP.NET 
File Replication Service log 
File.Delete method 
FileCodeGroup class
FileIOPermission object  2nd 
    deleting, from isolated storage 
    IIS authentication mode 
    isolated storage 
    policy files 
    resource restrictions 
FirstMatchCodeGroup class
    Resolve method 
flags, quick-reference entries 
folders, authentication modes, IIS 
Forms authentication, ASP.NET 
    logon page 
    protected page creation 
FormsAuthentication.RedirectFromLoginPage method 
FormsAuthenticationAuthenticate method 
FromXml method 
    ISecurityEncodable interface 
FromXmlString method  2nd 
fully trusted assemblies  2nd 
    .NET Framework Configuration tool and 
    Caspol.exe and 
    deleting from list 
    programming considerations 
fully trusted assemblies, list, adding to 
functional resources, application domains 
functions, ElGamal algorithm 
    signature functions 

Programming. NET Security
Programming .Net Security
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Pages: 346

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