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C# syntax, converting to Visual Basic syntax 
call stack  2nd  [See also stack walk]
CanTransformMultipleBlocks property 
CAS (code-access security)
    application domains and 
    ASP.NET and 
    code-access permissions 
    Code-Access Security Policy tool 
    extensions, assembly trust and 
    isolated storage and 
    .NET Framework Configuration tool 
        assembly scope attributes 
        attribute class definitions 
        creating custom 
        dll creation 
        enforcing security 
        example custom class 
        example custom class definition 
        example custom class enumeration 
        IPermission interface 
        ISecurityEncodable interface 
        IUnrestrictedPermission interface 
    Permissions View tool 
    security policy 
        imperative security 
    turning on/off 
    user policy level 
    Windows security and 
case sensitivity, C# 
Caspol.exe  2nd 
    CAS, turning on/off 
    execution permission checks, turning on/off 
    forcing securing changes 
    isolated storage security 
    policy evaluation 
    policy level administration 
        code groups 
        fully trusted assemblies 
        named permission sets 
        target code group 
    resetting policies 
catalogue (COM+), viewing 
CBC (Cipher Block Chaning) cipher mode 
Certificate Creation tool 
    X509, creating 
CFB (Cipher Feedback) cipher mode 
Check method 
    IMembershipCondition interface 
CheckExecutionRights property 
child code groups (security policies) 
Children property, CodeGroup objects 
Cipher Block Chaining (CBC) cipher mode 
Cipher Feedback (CFB) cipher mode 
cipher functions  2nd  [See also algorithms]
    block padding 
    CFB (Cipher Feedback) 
    cipher block chaining 
cipher modes 
    CFB (Cipher Feedback) 
    Cipher Block Chaining (CBC) 
    ECB (Electronic Codebook) 
    symmetric algorithms, configuring 
class hierarchies (quick-reference) 
class libraries, trust levels 
    attribute, defining 
    AuthorMembershipCondition example 
    C#/Visual Basic syntax 
    code-access permission 
    custom membership condition 
        standard evidence classes 
    Hash class 
    identity permission 
    IMembershipCondition interface and 
    namespace quick reference and 
    .NET Framework, COM+ and 
    permission attribute 
    permission statements 
    permissions, programming considerations 
    signature formatter classes, digital signatures 
    Site class 
client certificate authentication, IIS 
CloseDefect method 
CLR (Common Language Runtime)
    application domains  2nd 
        security policy and 
    application execution and 
        application domains 
    identities, application domains 
    Internet Explorer and 
    non-type-safe code 
    operating system, shell command execution 
    security policy, application domains and 
    type-safe code 
    verification, application deployment and 
Code Access Security Policy tool 
code groups 
    attributes, policy resolution 
    Caspol.exe and 
    Code-Access Security Policy tool and 
    creating  2nd  3rd 
    creating manually 
    importing, from file selects 
    membership conditions, programming 
    named permission sets and 
    policy levels 
    policy statements, programming 
code-access security  [See CAS]
Code-Access Security Policy tool  2nd 
    code-access security, turning on/off 
    execution permission checks, turning on/off 
    forcing security changes  2nd 
    policy level administration 
        code groups 
        fully trusted assemblies 
        named permission sets 
        target code group 
    resetting policies 
CodeAccessPermission class
    removing stack walk overrides 
CodeAccessSecurityAttribute class 
CodeGroup class 
    methods and properties 
    application management 
    application roles, populating 
    application types 
    applications, installing 
    catalogue, viewing 
    component management 
    Maeshaller role 
    PAS (process-access security)
    RBS (role-based security) 
        compatibility with .NET role-based security 
    roles, scope 
    serviced components, creating 
command line, Code-Access Security Policy tool 
        GAC and  2nd 
        protecting against 
Component Services explorer (COM+) 
ComponentAccessControl attribute (COM+) 
ComputeHash method 
    streamed data 
ComputeSignature method 
    symmetric encryption 
    application domains 
        <location\\> element 
        logon page 
        security-related configuration elements 
    forms authentication 
    IIS authentication modes 
    security policy  2nd 
    SecurityPermissionAttribute class, properties 
    shared assemblies and 
    symmetric algorithms
        cipher modes 
        Key and IV properties 
        KeySize and BlockSize properties 
    WindowsPrincipal class 
configured classes (COM+) 
ControlDomainPolicy permission 
ControlEvidence permission 
ControlPolicy permission 
Copy method 
    IPermission interface 
cracker (roles) 
Create method
    hashing algorithms 
    SymmetricAlgorithm class 
CreateDecryptor method 
CreateDirectory method 
CreateEncryptor method  2nd 
CreateEventSource method, registering event sources 
CreateFromUrl factory method 
CreateKeyExchange method 
CreateKeyPair method 
CreateNewDefect method 
CreatePermission method 
CreateSignature method 
credentials, RBS and 
Crypto API (Windows) 
cryptographic hash code 
cryptographic key pairs 
cryptographic keys
    CreateKeyExchange method 
        algorithm classes and 
        key-derivation protocol 
        random number generator and 
    ElGamal encryption functions 
    ElGamalOAEPKeyExchangeFormatter class 
    key exchanges, encryption 
    session keys 
    symmetric algorithms 
    symmetric key exchange 
Cryptographic Service Provider (CSP) 
cryptography  2nd 
    attacks on, types of 
    birthday attacks 
    brute force attacks 
    hash functions 
    hashing algorithms 
        hash code lengths 
        message size limits 
    key management 
    message collisions 
    software weaknesses 
Cryptography.DSA class
    CreateSignature method 
    VerifySignature method 
CryptoStream class 
    XTEA (Extended Tiny Encryption Algorithm) 
CSP (Cryptographic Service Provider) 
CurrentPrincipal property, IPrincipal interface 
custom event logs, creating 
custom evidence
    Author assembly 
    identity permissions 
    Object.ToString method 
custom runtime hosts 

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Programming .Net Security
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