Cultural Differences in a Global Economy

The demographics of the world are changing. As project managers, it is our responsibility to understand the cultural differences individuals bring to a project. We must have respect for all types of nationalities and customs in order for us to be effective in our jobs. As process engineers, we are expected to utilize resources, regardless of their cultural background or ethic upbringing. As our economy becomes more global, we must acknowledge that we may need to use resources located on the other side of the planet.

Although this has pros and cons, it's a reality as society evolves. For the PMP exam, you will need to be aware of this concept and the requirement of a project manager to have proper diversity training in order to effectively perform his or her job. Because PMI is a global community, it is understandable that the organization and the PMBOK have an underlying emphasis of cooperation across all types of individuals with different religions, customs, and cultural standards. The Code of Professional Conduct does not explicitly discuss the topic of diversity or cultural differences.

PMP Exam Cram 2. Project Management Professional
PMP Exam Cram 2. Project Management Professional
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