Exam Prep Questions

Question 1

You go to dinner at an expensive restaurant with a group of vendors from China. The bill is more than $500. After dinner, they offer to buy you dinner. How should you handle the situation?

  • A. Gracefully decline and pay for your own meal.

  • B. Accept the gift and thank them for their generosity.

  • C. Ask for a copy of the new vendor contract.

  • D. Offer to put it on your expense account.


Answer A is correct. Answer B is incorrect because you should not accept expensive gifts that may influence your decision making. Answer C is incorrect because you are potentially tying a business decision with a free meal. Answer D is incorrect because you should not provide or receive substantial gifts from vendors that could impact your decisions.

Question 2

Good communication is vital in a project atmosphere, but this becomes more difficult when you're working with people who speak a different language than you do. As the member of a project team, the best way you can effectively communicate with other individuals who speak a different language is to ______________________________________.

  • A. use an interpreter

  • B. rely only on written communications so that a translator can be used

  • C. defer to another team member who knows their language

  • D. learn and communicate in their language


Answer D is correct. Although this isn't the easiest answer, the best way to effectively communicate with others is to use their language. When an outside individual is put into the situation, such as an interpreter or translator, important information can be lost.

Question 3

Falsification of information on the PMP application could result in __________.

  • A. revocation of your PMP certification

  • B. legal prosecution

  • C. personal conflict

  • D. a fine


Answer A is correct. Revocation of your PMP certification is the best answer in this case. Falsification of information does not lead to a fine or prosecution. Therefore, answers B and D are incorrect. Although falsification of information could lead to a personal conflict, this is not the best answer, thus making answer C incorrect as well.

Question 4

If your employment requires you to be dishonest or act in an inappropriate manner, what should you do?

  • A. Do as you're told.

  • B. Talk with your supervisor concerning the matter.

  • C. Report the activities to law officials.

  • D. Transfer out of the department.


Answer B is correct. Answer A is incorrect because it goes against the Code of Professional Conduct. Answer C is incorrect as well, unless the activities are illegal. Before you transfer out of your department, you should contact your supervisor, thus making answer D incorrect.

Question 5

You are managing a project that incorporates some work in a foreign country. You need to interact with the country's government in order to gain its approval for the future import/export of supplies. What should you do?

  • A. Bribe the government to gain its approval.

  • B. Not knowingly engage in professional misconduct.

  • C. Follow the laws of your own country, even if they differ from the country whose government you are dealing with.

  • D. Not worry about the approval of the government.


Answer B is correct. Although you should be concerned about the approval of the foreign country's government, you should never stoop to bribery or knowingly break any laws or regulations to gain such approval.

Question 6

When formulating a project team, is it fair to represent an individual as PMP certified if he or she has not passed the certification exam yet?

  • A. No.

  • B. Yes, as long as the individual will be taking the certification exam within the next 30 days.

  • C. Yes. As long as one other person on the team is PMP certified, it is fair to represent another individual as PMP certified even if he or she has not passed the exam yet.

  • D. Yes, as long as one other person on the team is PMP certified, and as long as the person who has not passed the exam is not acting as the project manager on the project.


Answer A is correct. It is never alright to misrepresent a person's qualifications, including his or her PMP status.

Question 7

You have just been assigned to a project in a foreign country. You have never visited the country and know nothing about its culture. What should you do to prepare yourself for potential conflicts of interest for this project?

  • A. Go to the library and learn the native language.

  • B. Nothing. If you try to learn about the country before you get there, you will most likely do yourself a disservice by learning misconceptions about its culture.

  • C. Try to meet people who have visited or lived in the country to attempt to get valuable information about the culture.

  • D. Perform background research to determine the guidelines concerning vendor gifts in other countries.


Answer D is correct. Answer A is incorrect because it does not have an impact on project ethics. Answer B is incorrect because it is better to be overly cautious concerning conflicts of interest. Answer C could be partially correct, but answer D is the best answer.

Question 8

As a project manager on Wall Street, you have access to stock information through friends and colleagues. One day you hear that one of your stocks is going to plunge within 24 hours. What do you do?

  • A. Call your stockbroker and sell the stock.

  • B. Call your broker for advise.

  • C. Keep the stock until the information becomes public knowledge before you sell.

  • D. Tell your friends.


Answer C is correct. You should maintain confidentiality with the information until it becomes public knowledge. Then you can decide whether to hold or sell the stock.

Question 9

Due to circumstances outside of your project team's control, you have been unable to collect all the data needed to complete an analysis important to the project's completion. Because the deadline for this analysis is next week, your project manager has asked you to complete the analysis using incomplete data. What should you do?

  • A. Complete the analysis as the project manager requested.

  • B. Complete the analysis as the project manager requested, but send the project manager a separate memo documenting why the data was incomplete.

  • C. Complete the analysis as the project manager requested, but send the customer a separate memo documenting why the data was incomplete.

  • D. Do not complete the analysis. Instead, explain in writing that you cannot complete the analysis for project completion because of the incomplete data.


Answer D is correct. It is better to not complete the analysis and be truthful than to damage your integrity or the integrity of the project results.

Question 10

The sales team for a vendor has provided $100 bills to their customers for the company's 100th anniversary. You receive a check in the mail. What should you do?

  • A. Contact the vendor and explain that your company does not accept vendor gifts.

  • B. Send a thank-you card.

  • C. Cash it.

  • D. Donate the check to charity.


Answer A is correct. It is important to set expectations with vendors concerning gifts.

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PMP Exam Cram 2. Project Management Professional
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