7.6 Mobilizing organization resources for priority I

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Action Checklist Number 7 (see Table 7.2) shows which steps IT managers in all types of organizations can take to synchronize their efforts with those of the government to achieve the goals of participating in a national cyberspace security response system. The next chapter focuses on participating in a national threat and vulnerability reduction program.

Table 7.2: Action Checklist Number 7

Action Item

Status (e.g., Completed, Pending, or N/A)

Evaluate the organization's ability to participate in and benefit from a national cyberincident response system.


Develop processes and procedures to utilize information provided by the national cyberincident response system.


Determine if the organization is using reports, analyses, standards, and recommendations provided by researching agencies such as the NSA and the NIST to improve IS security.


Evaluate how computer security standards and procedures are set in the organization.


Determine if the organization's view of the health of cyberspace is influenced by political, economic, or business issues that could impact IT policies and computer-incident response plans.


Evaluate the sources of cybersecurity information that the organization has, including vendors, service providers, and other organizations, that can be used to maintain security during threat situations.


Determine if DRPs are up-to-date and if any changes or updates need to be made to the plans.


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Implementing Homeland Security for Enterprise IT
Implementing Homeland Security for Enterprise IT
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