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Skydivers might think we're talking about sweeping your arms back and flying. Well, we're not. Tracking in terms of text (as we mean it) refers to the horizontal spacing between characters. If you've ever increased or decreased the tracking for a block of text the old-fashioned way, then you may be used to the "trial and error" concept. Usually you'd select the text and change the tracking value in the Property inspector.

There's an easier way. Select the text block and press CTRL-ALT-RIGHT to increase and CTRL-ALT-LEFT to decrease the tracking of the selected fields. Now you can keep your eye on the field instead of jumping back and forth a million times. Oh, and to quickly reset the tracking to 0, press CTRL-ALT-UP (CMD-OPT-RIGHT/LEFT/UP on Mac). It's not flying, but it certainly speeds things up.

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