Prebuilt Animations

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There are a lot of Flash programs out there that have built-in animations and are designed solely to let people animate things without needing to really know how a Flash Timeline works. Well, guess what? Go ahead, guess. Okay, I'll tell you. Flash now has its own built-in Animations, referred to as Timeline Effects. It's as simple as can be to apply one. Right-click on any object (shape, symbol, and so on) on your Stage and go to Timeline Effects, which will display a list of pre-built effects for you to choose from. Picking any effect will usually bring up a quick little settings window that enables you to specify parameters for the effect. Once you think you have what you want, click OK and Flash does all the work for you. After an effect has been applied, you can easily change it or remove it by selecting Edit or Remove Effect from the same place you picked the effect itself, after right-clicking the object with the effect applied, of course.



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