Working with the Color Editor (Classic)

The Color Editor (Classic) isn't a Realtime filter, and as a result, you need to render before you can see the results. However, this filter does have several options that aren't available in the Base Color Corrector, such as Transparency settings and the Keyframe Interpolation setting, which allows you to alter the speed at which effects occur between keyframes. There is also the ever-present full screen mode. For more details on how to use the extra features you'll find only on classic filters, see the relevant section in Chapter 9.

To apply the Color Editor (Classic)

Do one of the following:

  • Click the Lib tab and open the Classic Clip FX folder. From the Editors Rack, drag and drop the Color Editor to the clip or Timeline Track (Figure 11.7).

    Figure 11.7. Dragging the Color Editor (Classic) to a clip.

  • With the clip selected, click once on the Effects Editor menu on the Toolbar, and select Color Editor (Classic) from the list (Figure 11.8).

    Figure 11.8. The Effects Editor menu.

  • With the clip selected, click once on the Open Classic Color Editor shortcut button on the Toolbar (Figure 11.9).

    Figure 11.9. The shortcut button on the Toolbar.


  • If you don't have the Open Classic Color Editor on your toolbar, you need to add it by customizing your interface. You can find further information on this in Chapter 1.

To adjust the Color Editor (Classic)


If the editor for the Color Editor is not already open, right-click the purple line running along the top of the clip and select Edit to open the editor (Figure 11.10).

Figure 11.10. The Color Editor (Classic).


Once you've opened the editor, adjust the parameters the same way you do for any other filter.

See Chapter 9 for more details on this.


  • You can revert to default any of the settings you make in this editor by clicking the Restore to Default button .

  • If you close the editor without making any alterations, the filter will be removed from the clip.

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