Applying and Adjusting the Base Color Corrector (RT)

The Base Color Corrector allows you to alter the color parameters of a clip and then see the results without having to render. It has a simple enough interface, and although it has certain limitations, you can use it both for basic color corrections and for creating effects, such as adding a blue shift to the scene to create the illusion of night (Figure 11.2).

Figure 11.2. Night effect created by increasing blue and gamma. The original clip is on the bottom. (See color insert.)

To apply the Base Color Corrector

Do one of the following:

  • Click the Lib tab and open the Realtime Clip FX folder. From the Editors Rack drag and drop the Base Color Corrector to the clip or to the Timeline Track (Figure 11.3).

    Figure 11.3. Dragging the Base Color Corrector to a clip.

  • With the clip selected, click once on the Effects Editor Menu on the Toolbar, and select BaseColorCorrector CPU from the list (Figure 11.4).

    Figure 11.4. The Effects Editor menu.

  • With the clip selected, click once on the Open BaseColorCorrector CPU shortcut button on the Toolbar (Figure 11.5).

    Figure 11.5. The shortcut button on the toolbar.


  • Inside the Base Color Corrector, you can use a number of quick and easy one- click tools including Hue, Saturation, Brightness, and Contrast. These alone should be enough to enhance most video clips. If you need more, or you want to add a keyframable special effect, you can delve into the 3D color space channels and edit one of the RGB colors. As with any aspect of Liquid Edition, experimentation is the only way to learn.

To adjust the Base Color Corrector


If the editor for the Base Color Corrector is not already open right-click the purple line that runs along the top of the clip and choose Edit (Figure 11.6).

Figure 11.6. The editor for the Base Color Corrector.


Once the editor is open, adjust the parameters the same way you do for any other filter.

For a full explanation of filter editing and using Keyframe tools, see Chapter 9.


  • To turn on keyframes, open the Options tab and select Use Keyframes from the Keyframe options.

  • You can revert any of the settings you make in this editor back to the default by clicking the Restore to Default button .

  • If you close the editor without making any alterations, the filter will be removed from the clip.

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