Exploring the Auto Color Corrector

Pinnacle designed this unique Realtime filter to add a quick fix to any video clips that suffer from common faults such as low-level lighting or an incorrect white balance. It works pretty much like magic; you just apply it and all your problems melt away (Figure 11.11).

Figure 11.11. This clip isn't perfect after using the Auto Color corrector, but at least you can now view it. (See color insert.)

Of course it doesn't always work, but if it doesn't, you can try tweaking the setting or you can fall back on the ColorCorrection Editor.

To apply the Auto Color Corrector (RT)


Click the Lib tab and open the Realtime Clip FX folder.


From the Editors Rack, drag and drop the Auto Color Corrector to the clip or Timeline Track (Figure 11.12).

Figure 11.12. Dragging the Auto Color Corrector to a clip.

To adjust the Auto Color Corrector


Right-click the purple line running along the top of the clip to open the editor (Figure 11.13).

Figure 11.13. The Effects Editor menu with the color picker tool open.


Once you've openedthe editor, adjust the parameterssuch as they arethe same way you do for any other filter.

See Chapter 9 for more details on this.


  • The color picker option allows you to select which color the Auto Color Corrector uses as its reference. To use this, open the color picker tool, then drag the picker onto the best source of white in the picture.

  • You can revert any settings you make in this editor back to default by clicking the Restore to Default button .

Pinnacle Liquid Edition 6 for Windows
Pinnacle Liquid Edition 6 for Windows
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