Applying the ColorCorrection Editor

This is such a functional tool that it has a variety of names, including CX Color Correction and, Secondary Color Correction. In the manual and the program, however, it is referred to as the ColorCorrection Editor.

This editor has a variety of different tools you can use to correct color and create some pretty amazing special effects. You'll discover an amazing amount of cool stuff you can do with this tool, but use it like you do most powerful functionswith restraint. More is sometimes too much!

In this section, you learn how to apply and open the editor and how to use one-click tools to solve some of the more common color and lighting problems. At the end of this section, I demonstrate how to apply a special effect using the ColorCorrection Editor.

To apply the ColorCorrection Editor

Do one of the following:

  • Click the Lib tab and open the Classic Clip FX folder. From the Editors Rack drag and drop the ColorCorrection Editor to the clip or Timeline Track (Figure 11.14).

    Figure 11.14. Dragging the ColorCorrection Editor to a clip.

  • With the clip selected, click once on the Effects Editor menu button on the Toolbar and select Colorcorrection Editor from the list (Figure 11.15).

    Figure 11.15. The Effects Editor menu.

  • With the clip selected, click once on the Open Colorcorrection Editor shortcut button on the Toolbar (Figure 11.16).

    Figure 11.16. The shortcut button on the toolbar.


  • If you don't have the Open ColorCorrection Editor shortcut on your Toolbar, you need to add it by customizing your interface. You can find further information on this in Chapter 1.

To adjust the ColorCorrection Editor


Right-click the purple line running along the top of the clip and select Edit to open the Editor (Figure 11.17, on the following page).

Figure 11.17. The ColorCorrection Editor.


Once you've opened the editor, adjust the parameters the same way you do for any other filter.

However, if you click the small extended dialog arrow, you expose a wealth of options.


  • You can revert any of the settings you make in this editor back to their default by clicking the Restore to Default button .

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