Working Without Keyframes

Although keyframes are a very valuable tool, you may encounter times when you don't want to use them. For example, you might have an exact transparency you want to carry through until the clip jumps into focus on the last frame of the transition.

To disable keyframes


With the editor open, click the Options tab.


Open the keyframes area by clicking the small triangle.


Click the Do not use Keyframes radio button (Figure 8.44).

Figure 8.44. Turning off keyframes.


  • Turning off keyframes is not generally that useful in a transition because it tends to nullify its effectiveness. Turning off keyframes is more useful when you're dealing with filters. See Chapter 9 for more details on this.

  • When you turn off keyframes, you turn them all off. To deactivate specific keyframes, see "Deactivating a keyframe area" on the previous page.

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