Section 10.7. webservices.xml

10.7. webservices.xml

The J2EE-standard webservices.xml file defines and registers the InventoryService Web Service, and ties the Service Endpoint Interface class ( to the InventoryFacadeBean EJB. The webservices.xml file in Example 10-3 also tells JBoss where to find the WSDL and JAX-RPC Mapping files in the EJB JAR file.

Example 10-3. webservices.xml
 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <webservices  xmlns=""  xmlns:xsi=""  xsi:schemaLocation=""  version="1.1">     <webservice-description>         <webservice-description-name>InventoryService</webservice-description-name>         <wsdl-file>META-INF/wsdl/InventoryService.wsdl</wsdl-file>         <jaxrpc-mapping-file>META-INF/inventory-mapping.xml</jaxrpc-mapping-file>         <port-component>             <port-component-name>Inventory</port-component-name>             <wsdl-port>InventoryEndpointPort</wsdl-port>             <service-endpoint-interface>                    </service-endpoint-interface>             <service-impl-bean>                    <ejb-link>InventoryFacade</ejb-link>             </service-impl-bean>         </port-component>     </webservice-description> </webservices> 

We've registered the Web Service endpoint and told the server about the JAX-RPC mapping and WSDL files, and now we need to create these extra descriptors.

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