Section 10.6. Modifying ejb-jar.xml

10.6. Modifying ejb-jar.xml

Although we're already generating the J2EE-standard ejb-jar.xml descriptor to deploy EJBs, we have to add a <service-endpoint> element to Example 10-2 to tell JBoss that the InventoryFacadeBean EJB implements the InventoryEndpoint interface.

Example 10-2. ejb-jar.xml
    <enterprise-beans>       ...       <session>          ...          <display-name>InventoryFacadeSB</display-name>          <ejb-name>InventoryFacade</ejb-name>           ...           <service-endpoint></service-endpoint>           ...       </session>       ...    </enterprise-beans> 

Now that we've created a Web Service Endpoint, we have to register it with JBoss.

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