Section 10.5. Service Endpoint Interface (SEI)

10.5. Service Endpoint Interface (SEI)

A Service Endpoint Interface exposes business methods as Web Services that can be accessed by external clients. Example 10-1 shows the InventoryService interface.

Example 10-1.
 package; /**  * Service endpoint interface for InventoryFacade.  */ public interface InventoryEndpoint    extends java.rmi.Remote {    public findAvailableCars(  )       throws java.rmi.RemoteException; } 

A Service Endpoint Interface acts as a server-side stub that shows your business methods to clients and serves the same purpose for a Web Service that an EJB Remote Interface does for an EJB. The InventoryEndpoint interface is a Remote interface, and the findAvailableCars( ) method throws a RemoteException. The CarDTOArray (that holds an array of CarDTO objects) returned by the findAvailableCars( ) method may look odd to yousee the "Web Services and Collections" section for more information.

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