11.4 Viewing monitor status

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You can use the following procedure to view the status of the Exchange servers in your organization and the connectors between servers:

  1. Start ESM from the Windows Start menu by selecting All Programs →Microsoft Exchange →System Manager.

  2. Expand the Tools section.

  3. Expand the Monitoring and Status section.

  4. Select the Status object to display the list of servers and connections being monitored (Figure 11.10).

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    Figure 11.10: Server and connection status window

The status of each server and connection is shown in the ESM details pane. If you have used the Exchange server's Monitoring tab to establish warning or critical state thresholds to monitor, the server status will contain a warning or critical state message if the thresholds have been exceeded (see Section 11.3). You can view the server monitor thresholds by double-clicking on the server item in the details pane.

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