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CA [See certification authority]
cable plants
        as risk factors
        as risk factors
        securing transmissions
cameras , securing data centers with 2nd
CAPI (Cryptographic API)
        requesting certificates and
        writing custom PKI-aware software
CAPICOM (CAPI Component Object Model)
card key systems
        controlling security vulnerabilities 2nd
CDPs (CRL distribution points)
        choosing for private certification hierarchies
        configuring for root CA
        publishing CRL of offline root CA
centralizing remote access authentication
Cert Publishers group
Certificate Export Wizard
certificate hierarchy
certificate policy (CP), constructing
certificate practice statement (CPS), constructing
certificate revocation lists [See CRLs]
certificate rules
        best practices suggest using
        creating new rules
        for identifying applications
Certificate Services
        issuing email certificates with
        in Windows Server 2003
certificate templates 2nd
        configuring digital signature certificates
        configuring encryption certificates
certificate-based authentication, configuring IPSec for
certificates 2nd [See also private certification hierarchies]
        archiving private keys and 2nd
        backing up private keys and
        benefits of
        deploying client certificates
        enrollment applications
        expiration dates of
                to floppy disks
                without private keys
        importing received certificates
        issued by certification authorities
        origins of
        processing requests for
        supported by Windows Server 2003 for IPSec communication
        types of
        Windows Certificates snap-in
Certificates MMC snap-in 2nd
certification authority
        commercial vendors
        configurable certificate templates and
        configuring clients to trust your certificates
        functions of
        how it works
        improvements to
        processing requests for certificates
        requesting certificates from
        role separation and
        sending digitally signed email
        using your own
certification authority certificates
certification hierarchies
        choosing between public/private CAs
        private [See private certification hierarchies]
CGI (Common Gateway Interface) applications, supported by IIS
checklist, security
        identifying applications using
        sending digitally signed email
        used with signed code
cipher.exe /w command 2nd
clearing full security logs
client autoenrollment , obtaining certificates using
client certificates, deploying
client interactions with servers (DHCP)
clock synchronization, maximum tolerance for
Code Red (Internet worm)
commercial certification authorities
Compatible Workstation Security template
compatws.inf template
computer accounts
        Account Policies at OU level
        Active Directory and
        cleaning up, if stale
        deploying software with GPOs
computer certificates
computer clock synchronization, maximum tolerance for
computers, stolen
configuration context (Active Directory forest) 2nd
Configure Automatic Updates setting
containers vs. OUs (organizational units)
contiguous namespace of Active Directory trees
CP (certificate policy), constructing
CPS (certificate practice statement), constructing
CRL distribution points (CDPs)
        choosing for private certification hierarchies
        configuring for root CA
        publishing CRL of offline root CA
CRLs (certificate revocation lists)
        architecture of
        delta CRLs
        expiration dates of
        implementing a public PKI
        publishing 2nd
                for offline root CA 2nd
                how often
        two-tier vs. three- tier PKI
cryptographic accelerators vs. hardware security modules (HSMs)
Cryptographic API (CAPI)
        requesting certificates and
        writing custom PKI-aware software
cryptographic hardware for private certification hierarchies
        shared secret keys
        smart cards and


Securing Windows Server 2003
Securing Windows Server 2003
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