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    AI synchronization 
    history of game programming  2nd  3rd 
    shooting games 
    synchronized FSMs 
    history of game programming 
handheld games
    history of game programming  2nd  3rd 
Hapke/Lommel-Seeliger model 
hard-coded AI systems
    disadvantages of 
    2D game programming
        on older hardware  2nd  3rd 
hardware abstration
    user input  2nd  3rd  4th 
hardware-assisted occlusion testing  2nd  3rd 
hardware-assisted skeletal animation  2nd  3rd 
Harris, Mark
    cloud rendering 
hash tables  2nd  3rd  4th 
hash_maps (STL containers)  2nd 
hash_multimaps (STL containers)  2nd 
hash_multisets (STL containers)  2nd 
hash_sets (STL containers)  2nd 
He-Torrance-Sillion-Greenberg model 
Head over Heels
    isometric engines 
    scrolling games 
heaps  2nd  3rd 
heapsort algorithm 
    outdoors rendering  2nd  3rd 
hemiplane test (eye contact)  2nd  3rd 
herds.  [See group dynamics]
heuristic-based search (AI systems) 
    history of game programming 
hiding behaviors (AI systems)  2nd  3rd 
hierarchical clipping
    BSP trees  2nd 
hierarchical messaging
    MMG (massively multiplayer games)  2nd 
hierarchical occlusion maps (HOM)  2nd 
hierarchical transforms
    OpenGL  2nd 
hierarchical/chained systems
    rendering particles 
Higenbotham, William
    history of game programming 
high-color sprites 
history of DirectX  2nd 
history of game programming 
    beginnings of industry  2nd  3rd  4th  5th 
    cell phones  2nd 
    company consolidation  2nd  3rd 
    game consoles  2nd  3rd 
    game engines  2nd  3rd  4th  5th  6th 
    handheld games  2nd  3rd 
    multiplayer games  2nd  3rd 
    personal computers  2nd 
    Spacewar  2nd  3rd 
HLSL shading language 
HOM (hierarchical occlusion maps)  2nd 
Honeywell H316
    history of game programming 
Hooks Spring Law 
human path finding algorithm  2nd 
Humpert, James
    history of game programming 

Core Techniques and Algorithms in Game Programming2003
Core Techniques and Algorithms in Game Programming2003
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