STEP 04 aligning the imported BITMAPS

When you are satisfied with your sequence, center all of the bitmap images using the Edit Multiple Frames feature. This is a super cool feature in Flasha real time-saverif you know what I mean.

  1. Select the Edit Multiple Frames button located at the bottom of the layers window (see figure 04:10).

    Figure 04:10.


  2. A work area slider will appear at the top of the layer window. Pull it across all of the frames as shown in figure 04:10.

  3. Select all and choose Modify > Align, making sure to check the Align to Page option in the Align dialog, to center align the bitmaps as shown in figure 04:11).

    Figure 04:11.


Importing sequential bitmaps into a symbol means that each bitmap is listed separately in the Library. It's a good idea to use Flash 4's folder capability to place all these imagesalong with their corresponding movie clipsin a separate folder as described in Chapter 2.

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