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taint checking command line option:
       enabling explicitly;  
taint checking:
       for setuid programs[taint checking:setuid programs];   2nd  
       in CGI script[taint checking:CGI script]  
        insecure data  
       PATH and  
       processing input with regular epxression  
tardist target:
       for module makefile;   2nd  
TCP/IP programming   2nd   3rd  
telnet program:
       testing server application with   2nd  
test script:
       for module; script.   [See module test script] script:
       for XS module[ module];  
this variable;  
tie operator   2nd  
Tie::RefHash module  
tied hash  
tied hash:
       CLEAR method  
       CLEAR method;  
       DELETE method  
       DELETE method;  
       DESTROY method  
       DESTROY method;  
       EXISTS method;   2nd  
       FETCH method  
       FETCH method;  
       FIRSTKEY method;   2nd  
       interpolating expression with;  
       NEXTKEY method  
       NEXTKEY method;  
       STORE method  
       STORE method;  
       TIEHASH method   2nd  
       TIEHASH method;  
tied variable  
tied variable:
       variable with magical properties;  
tied variable;
       tied hash  
TIEHASH method.   [See under tied hash]
tr///   [See transliterate operator]
transliterate operator:
       counting characters with;  
       inside map;  
       instead of regular expression   2nd  
       in examples[tryme:examples]  
type fields;  
typeglob   2nd  
typeglob subscript:
       creating ioref with;  
       extracting references from typeglob with;  
       passing filehandles with;  
       accessing symbol table with;  
       aliasing names with;  
       assigning reference to;   2nd  
        considered an obscure feature  
       identifier preceded by *  
       in lieu of reference[typeglob:reference];  
       localizing filehandles and dirhandles with;  
       localizing with local;   2nd  
       my variables and  
       passing by reference   2nd  
       passing dirhandle with  
       passing filehandle with;   2nd  
       passing to subroutine;   2nd  
       reference to  

Effective Perl Programming. Writing Better Programs with Perl
Effective Perl Programming: Writing Better Programs with Perl
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