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undef operator:
       clearing array variable with;  
       clearing hash variable with  
       as array element[undef:array]  
       as hash element[undef:hash]  
       in newly created arrays[undef:newly created arrays]  
       instead of empty list[undef:empty list]  
       instead of false[undef:false]  
       verb.   [See undef operator]
underscore pseudo-filehandle:
       in file tests[underscore pseudo-filehandle:file tests];  
unitialized value:
       -w and;  
UNIVERSAL package:
       AUTOLOAD subroutine and  
       package of last resort;   2nd  
unpack operator:
       computing checksums with  
       data munging with;  
       format specifiers  
       processing columns with;  
       repeat counts for specifiers  
        translates binary data into Perl types  
       uudecoding with  
       vs. split[unpack operator:split]  
untainting data  
URI::Escape module  
use directive:
       arguments to  
       autoload path and  
       based on BEGIN and use  
       changing include path in BEGIN block  
       compile-time rather than run-time feature  
       empty list as argument  
       loading module with;  
       on module in build directory[use directive:module in build directory]  
       searches module include path  
       supplanting require  
USENET   2nd   3rd  
       with pack and unpack  

Effective Perl Programming. Writing Better Programs with Perl
Effective Perl Programming: Writing Better Programs with Perl
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