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s///   [See substitute operator]
Salzenberg, Chip  
scalar context:
       grep selection expression  
       range operator in;  
scalar m//g match   2nd   3rd  
Schwartzian Transform   2nd  
Schwartzian Transform:
       as example of slicing and nesting[Schwartzian Transform:example of slicing and nesting]  
       of a my variable  
searching for methods  
select operator  
self variable;  
SelfLoader module  
       in regular expression[sequence:regular expression];   2nd   3rd  
setsockopt function:
       establishing multiple connections using;  
       Perl program running as  
shareable library:
       XS module;  
shift operator:
       @_ as a default  
       @ARGV as a default  
       reading subroutine arguments with  
shorthands and syntax quirks   2nd  
shuffling a list  
SIGCHLD signal:
       handling to prevent zombie processes;   2nd  
signal handler hash:
       assignment to  
       assignment to;  
signal handler:
       in eval block[signal handler:eval block]  
       preventing zombie processes with   2nd  
       with POSIX signals[signal handler:POSIX signals]  
single-element slice:
       on left-hand side of assignment[single-element slice:left-hand side]  
single-element slice;  
single-quoted string  
single-quoted string:
slice   2nd  
slice:   [See also hash slice;]
       in computing ranks[slice:computing ranks]  
       instead of element;  
       is a list of elements[slice:list of elements]  
       localizing with local;  
       maintaining a queue with  
       selecting elements from a result with;  
       single-element.   [See single-element slice]
       sorting with  
       swapping elements with;  
       multidimensional array or hash;  
       with map [slicing:map]  
Socket module:
       always use  
       constant functions in  
       sorting Internet addresses with   2nd  
       in Socket module  
soft reference:
       accessing symbol table with;  
       disabling with strict refs  
       local variable and  
soft reference;  
software ICs   2nd  
sort block  
sort operator:
       basic use of  
       uses string comparisons by default[sort operator:string comparisons]  
sort subroutine  
sort subroutine:
       called many times for each key  
       modifying $a and $b in  
sorting   2nd  
       by file modification time[sorting:file modification time]   2nd  
       ignoring case;  
       in reverse order[sorting:reverse order];  
       keys of a hash by corresponding values;  
       on multiple keys[sorting:multiple keys]  
       Orcish Maneuver  
       Schwartzian Transform  
       to obtain ranks[sorting:obtain ranks];   2nd  
       using array indices[sorting:array indices];  
       with pack[sorting:pack];  
       with split;  
spaceship operator  
spaceship operator:
       sorting with   2nd  
special variables :
       localizing with local;  
       main package and  
       local * on arguments  
       match variables  
       memory-free parentheses  
       my faster than local;  
       of assignment and subscripting[speed:assignment and subscripting ]  
       passing references into subroutines  
       profiling with Devel::DProf  
       run-time warnings and  
       split vs. pattern match  
       strict module and  
       subroutine arguments  
       writing XSUBs for  
splice operator:
       shortening array with  
       shuffling a list with  
split operator:
       C comments  
        delimiter retention mode;  
       in literal slice[split operator:literal slice]  
       lists of lists with;  
       memory-free parentheses and;  
       scalar context of arguments  
       sorting with  
       vs. pattern match[split operator:pattern match]  
       vs. unpack[split operator:unpack];  
sprintf operator
       formatting numbers with  
stack snapshots:
       from -Dtls command line option  
       in XSUB[stack:XSUB]  
stat operator:
       result cached in _  
       vs. file test operators  
statement modifier:
       eliminating parentheses and braces with  
static variable:
       creating with BEGIN and my  
STDIN filehandle:
       as a default  
STORE method.   [See under tied hash]
       reading from;   2nd  
strict module:
       in examples[strict module:examples]  
       recommended for debugging  
       when to use  
strict refs:
       disables soft references   2nd  
strict subs:
       bareword quoting and  
       turns off poetry mode  
strict vars:
       $a and $b   2nd  
       catching misspellings with  
string comparison operators:
       instead of regular expressions  
       look like words  
string context  
Stross, Charlie  
sub { }   [See anonymous subroutine constructor]
       argument checking;   2nd  
       array arguments are flattened  
       calling nonexistent  
       containing BEGIN block  
       context of return value  
       copying and naming arguments  
       DESTROY.   [See See object-oriented programming: destructor]
       effect of my and local  
       effect of my and local;  
       exporting from XSUB  
       followed by package name ;  
       functionality computed at run time  
       inheriting @_;  
       named parameters  
       parentheses around arguments of  
       passing anonymous hash constructor  
       passing array or hash by reference  
       passing filehandles and dirhandles  
       passing typeglob   2nd  
       prefixed with ampersand  
       prefixed with ampersand;  
       prototype.   [See prototypes ]
       reading arguments  
       reference to.   [See code ref]
       variable interpolation and  
subs module:
       declaring subroutines with  
       in dereferencing syntax[subscript:dereferencing syntax]  
substitute operator:
       /e option  
       /o option  
       /x option  
       containing <>;  
       inside map;  
       match variables in   2nd  
       memory variables in  
substitute operator[regular expression: ]  
substr operator:
       as lvalue;  
       instead of regular expression   2nd  
       reference to result of  
       tokenizing strings with  
SUPER:: package:
       data inheritance and;  
       inheritance list for current package;  
       C data type in XSUB  
       internal data type   2nd  
       elements with a slice   2nd  
       values with list assignments  
Swiss Army Chainsaw  
symbol table  
symbol table:
       accessing through soft reference  
       accessing through typeglob  
       entry for each unique identifier  
       my variables and  
       packages implemented with  
symbolic reference.   [See soft reference]
sysread operator:
       quickly reading a file with  
system error variable:
       numeric vs. string context;  

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