Cropping Pictures

You might run across a situation where you want to trim the edges off a particular image. For instance, you have a clip art image that contains a picture surrounded by a border, and you want to crop the border and just keep the picture itself in the frame. Or you might have an image that contains several items, such as a picture of several people, and you want to crop the image so that only one person appears in the frame.

You can easily crop an image using the Publisher cropping tool. To crop a picture or clip art image, follow these steps:

  1. Select the picture frame that holds the image you want to crop. When you select the image, the Picture toolbar should appear in the Publisher workspace (if you don't see the toolbar, right-click on any toolbar in the Publisher window and select Picture ).

  2. On the Picture toolbar, select the Crop tool. Cropping handles appear on the image and the mouse pointer becomes a cropping tool (see Figure 8.3).

    Figure 8.3. Use the cropping tool to crop an image in a picture frame.


  3. Place the cropping tool on any of the cropping handles on the picture's frame and drag to crop the picture.

  4. When you have completed cropping the picture, click the Crop button on the toolbar to turn off the cropping feature.


Crop in More Than One Direction After you invoke the cropping tool, you can crop the image in more than one direction (such as cropping it on the right and then cropping it on the top) in the same cropping session. The cropping tool disappears only when you click outside the picture frame and deselect it.

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