Using AutoReport to Create a Report

The fastest way to take data in a table and get it into a format that is appropriate for printing is AutoReport. The AutoReport feature can create a report in a tabular or columnar format. A tabular report resembles a datasheet in that it arranges the data from left to right on the page. A columnar report resembles a form in that it displays each record in the table from top to bottom. The downside of AutoReport is that it can create a report from only one table or query.

To use the AutoReport feature to create a simple report, follow these steps:

  1. Open the database containing the table or query that you will use to create the report.

  2. Click the Reports icon in the left pane of the database window.

  3. Click the New button on the database window's toolbar. The New Report dialog box appears (see Figure 17.1).

    Figure 17.1. Choose one of the AutoReport formats in the New Report dialog box.


  4. Select one of the two available AutoReport options: AutoReport:Columnar or AutoReport:Tabular .

  5. In the drop-down list at the bottom of the dialog box, select the table or query on which you want to base the report.

  6. Click OK . The report appears in Print Preview. The Print Preview mode allows you to examine your report before printing. You learn more about Print Preview later in this lesson.

Create an AutoReport from an Open Table graphics/autoform.gif You can also create an AutoReport directly from an open table. With the table open in the Access window, click the New Object drop-down list on the Table Datasheet toolbar and select AutoReport. This creates a simple columnar report.

AutoReport produces fairly simple-looking reports. To have more control over the report format and layout, you can create a report using the Report Wizard.

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