175. Access Your iFolder from a Web Browser

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You can also access your iFolder from any computer that has Internet access and a web browser installed (if your iFolder server is reachable via the Web).

Access iFolder Server via the Web

Open a web browser on any computer with an Internet connection. Enter the DNS name or the IP address of your iFolder server in the address box and then click Go (or press Enter). You are taken to the main page of the iFolder server.

Because most web browsers support Java, the easiest way to log on and access the iFolder is to use the Java client that runs inside your browser window. Select the Login link on the left side of the browser window. The Java Login client opens.


For web browsers that do not support Java or for access to the iFolder using a handheld device with web access, use the Login (PDA) link in the browser window to log on. You will be able to download the files but not upload them to your iFolder nor delete any files from the server.

Log In to iFolder Server

In the Java client Login window provide your username, password, and pass phrase. Then click Connect.

View Files in iFolder

The iFolder appears in the browser window. To view the files in your folder, double-click the folder in the Folder list. Files appear in the File list. If you want to use one of the files on the current computer, select the file and then click Download. This downloads the file to the computer you are currently working on.


You can also upload files to your iFolder using the web client. Select your iFolder (don't open it) in the browser window and then select Upload. An Upload dialog box opens. Specify the file that you want to upload and then upload the file (or files). The file is added to your iFolder.

Delete File in iFolder

You can delete files from the iFolder using the web client. Select a file and then select Delete. In the Delete dialog box that opens, select Yes to delete the file.

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