95. Open an Existing Document

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To read or edit an existing document you must first open it from the appropriate applications.

Before You Begin

90 Start OpenOffice.org Applications

93 Start a New File

94 Save a Document

Access Open Dialog

From any of the OpenOffice.org application windows, select File, Open. The Open dialog box appears.


You can quickly open a file using the Open File button on the Function bar.

Select File

Use the folder icons provided (double-click to open a folder or location in the left pane) to locate the file that you want to open and then select the file in the file list.


The Open dialog box browses for all document types. If you want to browse for only one file type, such as text documents or spreadsheets, select the File Type drop-down list and select one of the file types provided. This filters the file list by that file type.

Open File

To open the file, select the Open button.


You can also open your OpenOffice.org files (and any files for that matter) using Nautilus. Open Nautilus (select Programs, Accessories, File Manager) and browse for the file. After you have located the file, double-click it to open the file in the appropriate OpenOffice.org application.

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