94. Save a Document

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After you have started a new document and entered some information, you will want to save your work. The first time you select the Save command the Save As dialog box opens.

Before You Begin

90 Start OpenOffice.org Applications

93 Start a New File

Open Save As Dialog

From any of the OpenOffice.org application windows, select File, Save. The Save dialog box opens.


You can quickly save a new document by using the Save Document button on the Function bar.

Enter Filename

Enter a new name for the file in the Name box.

Select Path

The default path for saving your files is the Documents folder (in your Home folder). To choose a different folder, select the Browse for Other Folders link. You can then select a folder as the path.

Select File Type

OpenOffice.org saves your new files in the default OpenOffice.org file formats. If you want to change the file format for this saved file, select the File Type drop-down list and select a new format.

Save File

After you have entered a name and made other selections related to the file, click the Save button to save the file.


After you have saved the document, you can quickly save changes that you make as you work; select the Save Document button on the Function bar. If you want to change the name, location, or file type of a previously saved document, select File, Save As. Enter the new filename and other information in the Save As dialog box and then click Save.

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