93. Start a New File

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You can start a new blank document, spreadsheet, or presentation from the OpenOffice.org File menu or from the New button on the Function bar. You can also start new documents or presentations based on a template. For example, you can quickly create business cards or mailing labels by choosing one of these options from the New submenu. You can also select from two presentation templates in the Templates and Documents dialog box (opened from the New submenu).

Before You Begin

90 Start OpenOffice.org Applications

Open New Blank Document

From any of the OpenOffice.org application windows, select the New button on the Function bar. The new document opens.

Open New File from New Menu

You can also open a new document, spreadsheet, presentation, or drawing from any of the OpenOffice.org applications. Select File, New from the menu. On the New submenu, select the type of file that you want to create (such as Text Document, Spreadsheet, and so on). If the new file is not the type of file created in the current application, a new application window opens (with the appropriate application) for the new document.


The OpenOffice.org applications share a common interface. The top toolbar in the application window is the Function bar. It provides quick access to commands that allow you to open and save documents. The toolbar below the Function bar is the Object bar. It allows you to add formatting attributes to text and other items such as bold and italics. It also provides alignment commands such as Center. The vertical toolbar on the left of the application window is the Main toolbar. It provides quick access to tools such as Spell Check and allows you to insert objects into a file such as charts, Math objects (using OpenOffice.org Math), and floating frames.

Open New File from Template

From the New submenu (select File, New), select Templates and Documents. This opens the Templates and Documents dialog box. To create a new Impress presentation from one of the templates provided (such as Introducing a New Product), select the template and then click Open.

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