What s on the CD-ROM?

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What's on the CD-ROM?

The CD that comes with this book is designed to launch automatically when inserted into a machine running the Windows operating system. On the CD is the source code for all of the samples and programs written in the book. These are separated into folders organized by chapter.

The CD also contains the software necessary to install Python, Ruby, or Lua on your system. This software is also separated into different foldersa Python folder, a Ruby folder, and a Lua folder.

Also on the CD are several open -source libraries and utilities that are either used for the source code samples or as examples in this book. These includes PythonWin, Distutils, Numeric Python, PAWS, Py2Exe, Pygame, PyOpenGL, Pyzzle, RubySDL, LuaSDL, and Clanruby.

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Game Programming with Pyton, Lua and Ruby
Game Programming with Pyton, Lua and Ruby
Year: 2005
Pages: 133

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