A book showing the latest specifications wouldn't be complete if it wasn't out of date in some way or another, and this book is certainly no exception. While WS-Routing has been available since October 2001, and samples are available to show interoperability between .NET and Java, it is in the process of being deprecated by another specification. WS-Addressing is a specification that was released in March 2003 and was coauthored by BEA, IBM, and Microsoft. A copy of the released specification can be found at webservices /default.aspx?pull=/library/en-us/dnglobspec/html/ws-addressing.asp .

WS-Addressing expands upon the WS-Routing and WS-Referral specifications by providing more support for faults and exceptions, a representation of the routing headers as an XML Information Set (Infoset), and additional security considerations that could not be addressed with the previous versions of the specifications. To include this security support, WS-Addressing has a dependency on WS-Policy. To achieve .NET and J2EE interoperability using WS- Addressing, you will ultimately need an implementation of WS-Policy for Java.

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