Creating a Slide Show

I can't count how many times I was working on a project and my boss or client would come by and want to see what I had so far. It was such a pain to open files up in Photoshop just to show them off. This is where the Slide Show mode in Bridge really comes in handy. Now you can easily show off your images. It's also a great tool for reviewing your photos after a photo shoot. Not only do you get a huge preview of the photo, but you can also actually do things to them like rotate, rank, or delete them altogether.

Step One

Open a folder in Bridge that contains the photos you'd like to see in a slide show.


Showing the entire folder of images in a slide show can take a while if you've got hundreds of images in it. If you don't want to show the entire folder, you can just as easily select the photos you do want to show by clicking on one and then pressing-and-holding the Command (PC: Control) key, and clicking on the others that you want to see.

Step Two

After you've selected the photos you want to show in the slide show, just choose View>Slide Show. Now, I tend to use the keyboard shortcut here a lot, which is Command-L (PC: Control-L). Just imagine that it's a "lide show" instead of a slide show and that'll make it easier to remember.

Turbo Boost

To deselect all selected images in Bridge, choose Edit>Deselect or press Command-Shift-A (PC: Control-Shift-A). I know, it's a little different from Photoshop but that's just the way it is.

Step Three

Okay, now that you're in Slide Show mode, you can press the Spacebar to start the slide show. The slide show will automatically advance every few seconds (4 seconds by default). You can choose to wait or you can always use the arrow keys to advance to the next slide manually.

Step Four

While you're in Slide Show mode, there are a bunch of things that you can do to your photos. Just press the H key to show (or hide) a semi-opaque screen that displays the keyboard shortcuts for what's available. Finally, if you want to get out of Slide Show mode, just press the Escape key and that'll bring you back to Bridge.

Turbo Boost

In Slide Show mode, if you see a photo you want to open in Photoshop just press the O key.

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