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I've followed all the performance optimization tips and still find that my animation appears jumpy. What's wrong?


It's possible that you're simply trying to move a graphic across a large distance in very few frames. Try extending the total number of frames being used. You can compensate by increasing the frame rate. Provided that the computer can keep up with this increased frame rate, you'll see the same motion but in more (smaller, incremented) steps.


What's the ideal file size for a movie?


This is a common question but one that's impossible to answer. I think the best answer is "no bigger than it has to be." Consider, too, that you can cover up a long download time in very creative ways. Of course, you could use a percentage display, as you did in one of this hour's tasks. Better than that, you can occupy your users with some small, interactive (or very small file size) content. Make them watch something interesting (but small) while they wait for the bulk of the movie to download. There are many ways to do this successfully. Finally, consider using the modular technique of the MovieClipLoader object (discussed in Hour 20). That way, users have to wait to download only the portions of your site they request.


I used Modify, Shape, Optimize, and it sure cut down the file size, but my image doesn't look very good. What should I do?


If the result of using Modify, Shape, Optimize is unsatisfactory, don't use it. Basically, you should just try this option and weigh the file size savings against the sacrifice in the image's quality. Often, an undesirable result isn't as bad as it appears. Consider that in the final movie, the graphic you're judging may only be onscreen for a fraction of a second. The bad quality might not matter in that case.


In the Flash tab of the Publish Settings dialog box I found the option Compress Movie. What's this for?


This is really a no-brainer. Basically, it's a way Flash compresses your actions. You'll learn more about it in Hour 24.


My source .fla file is huge! Even after I deleted unused Library items, the file is much bigger than it should be. Why?


When you import media into a Flash movie, the file size grows. But when you delete the media, the file doesn't go back down in size. However, you can simply use Save and Compact to effectively clean up the file. It's almost like defragmenting a hard disk. Incidentally, a big .fla is not necessarily a problem for the user it's the .swf that counts.

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