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The Workshop consists of quiz questions and answers to help you solidify your understanding of the material covered in this hour. You should try to answer the questions before checking the answers.



If you reduce a file to half its file size, how fast will it download?

  1. This is impossible to calculate because everyone's connection speed varies.

  2. Twice as fast as it would otherwise.

  3. This is impossible to calculate because you need to know the movie's dimensions (height and width).


Why should you avoid using gratuitous special effects?

  1. They can distract the user from your core message.

  2. They can slow down performance and increase download times.

  3. Both A and B are correct.


True or false: The Bandwidth Profiler can simulate how a movie will play on a slow computer.

  1. True. Just set your computer's processor speed in the View menu.

  2. False. The Bandwidth Profiler only helps you judge a movie's size and how fast it will download.

  3. True. However, you have to select View, Simulate Computer.

Quiz Answers


B. Answer C is just plain false because the download speed of Flash movies doesn't have anything to do with their dimensions (vectors scale). (However, scale can affect playback performance.) Answer A is not entirely false because you really can't say how long a file will take to download. However, if you cut the file size in half, you can certainly say that the download will go twice as fast. Consider if you ordered a half-sandwich it would take you half as long to finish it as it would take you to eat a whole one.


C. Although special effects are fine when necessary, they can be distracting, increase file size, and slow down performance. These are all good reasons to avoid using them.


B. The Bandwidth Profiler simply judges file size and download performance. If the question referred to a slow connection rather than a slow computer, Answer A would be correct.

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