Editing the Project Information Dialog


An important part of creating a new project, whether it is done with a blank project or by starting with a template, is editing the Project Information dialog. This dialog contains summary information about your project. This summary information includes the start date, the projected finish date, the calendar used by the project to track working and nonworking time, along with the priority and the project status date.

Edit the Project Information Dialog

graphics/one_icon.jpg Click Project, Project Information.

graphics/two_icon.jpg Enter the Start Date for your project.

graphics/three_icon.jpg Decide whether your project should be scheduled from the Start Date or from the Finish Date. (Nearly all projects are scheduled from the Start Date.)

graphics/four_icon.jpg Define a Status Date. Normally at this point in the project, the Status Date should remain "NA."

See Also

See "Update the Project Status Date" (Chapter 11) for information on setting the status date.

graphics/five_icon.jpg Define the Calendar for the project.

graphics/six_icon.jpg Enter a Priority for the project. This becomes useful when dealing with multiple projects at the same time.

graphics/seven_icon.jpg Click the Statistics button to summarize data about the project dates, work, duration, and costs.


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