Adjusting the Dates on a Template Project


Because project templates retain the dates entered into them when they were created, the first thing you will want to do when you start a new project from a template is set the project to start on your start date, rather than the start date currently in the template.

Adjust the Date

graphics/one_icon.jpg After you have opened the template as stated in the previous task, click Tools, Customize, Toolbars.

graphics/two_icon.jpg Click the check box next to the Analysis toolbar option.

graphics/three_icon.jpg Click Close.

graphics/four_icon.jpg Click the Adjust Dates button located on the Analysis toolbar.

graphics/five_icon.jpg Enter a new start date for your project and click OK.

graphics/six_icon.jpg All of the tasks in the template will be shifted so that the project now starts on the date you specified.


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