Using Templates from Office Online


In addition to the templates that shipped with Microsoft Project, the New Project task pane gives you quick access to the Office Online Templates Web site, where you can access a growing library of project templates.

Use a Template from Office Online

graphics/one_icon.jpg On the New Project task pane, click Templates on Office Online.

graphics/two_icon.jpg On the Office Online page, click the Project Management link within the Meetings and Projects section.

graphics/three_icon.jpg Click the link for the template in which you are interested.

graphics/four_icon.jpg If you want to download the template, click the Download Now button.

graphics/five_icon.jpg The Web site might ask to install a Windows Template and Media control. Authorize this installation, or the template will not download properly.


Did You Know?

You only need to download a template one time . After the control is downloaded, the template is installed and appears automatically in your Microsoft Project window.

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