Editing Project File Properties


This dialog contains file property information that can be useful when searching for files on your hard drive or on your network. These properties can also be used by document management systems such as Microsoft's SharePoint Portal Server to categorize documents. For this reason, entering as much information as you can into this dialog can make it easier for you or your coworkers to find projects.

Edit the File Properties Dialog

graphics/one_icon.jpg Click File, Properties.

graphics/two_icon.jpg Enter the Title of your project. By default, this will be the same as the filename you defined if you have already saved your project.

graphics/three_icon.jpg Enter a Subject for your project.

graphics/four_icon.jpg Enter your name or the name of the project manager.

graphics/five_icon.jpg Enter Keyword information about your project. This will be particularly helpful when you or other users are searching for your project files.

graphics/six_icon.jpg Click OK.


Show Me. Microsoft Office Project 2003
Show Me Microsoft Office Project 2003
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