Changing File and Folder List Views

You can display files and folders in a variety of different ways, depending on what you want to see and do. When you view files and folders in Details view, a default list of file and folder information appears, which consists of Name , Size, Type, and Date Modified. If the default list of file and folder details doesn't provide you with the information you need, you can add and remove any file and folder information from the Details view. If you need to change the way Windows sorts your files and folders, you can use the column indicator buttons in the right pane of Details view. Clicking one of the column indicator buttons , such as Name, Size, Type, or Date Modified, in Details view sorts the files and folders by the type of information listed in the column.

Change File Details to List


Open the folder you want to change.


Click the View menu, and then click Choose Details.


Select the check boxes with the details you want to include and clear the ones you don't.


Click the Move Up or Move Down buttons to change the order of the selected items.


Click the Show or Hide button to show or hide the selected items.


Specify the width in pixels of the column for the selected items.


Click OK.

TIMESAVER Right-click a column title in Details view, and then click the detail you want to show or hide.


Did You Know?

An ellipsis indicates information is hidden . To show the information, drag the edge of the column indicator button to resize the column.

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