DB2 for Windows

Before you do anything, check to ensure that the Development Center has not already been installed. The Development Center can be launched from the DB2 Development Tools menu (see Figure D.2).

Figure D.2. The Development Center menu location in Windows.

Windows allows for three types of installation: Typical, Minimal, and Custom. When using a typical installation, Application Development Tools is included by default, and so is the DB2 Development Center.

If you perform a custom installation of DB2, ensure that the Development Center (under Application Development Tools) option is selected, as illustrated in Figure D.3.

Figure D.3. Selecting the installation of DB2 Development Center during a custom installation.

If you have already installed DB2 but did not select Application Development Tools, you can change your existing installation from the Windows Control Panel (Add/Remove Programs).

Figure D.4. Using Windows Control Panel to modify an existing DB2 installation.

The DB2 installer will look for the required files from previously known install locations. If the required files are not found, you will be prompted to provide the location of a DB2 installation image.

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