Installing the DB2 Development Center

The Development Center is packaged with all DB2 UDB for Linux, UNIX, and Windows server installation CDs as well as with the DB2 Application Development Client CD. The CD that accompanies this book is a trial version of the server edition of the product.

For all new development efforts, it is recommended that you use the latest available FixPak to take advantage of performance enhancements and bug fixes. Be sure to apply the same FixPak level at both servers and clients (if separate).


DB2 v8.2 for LUW is the same as DB2 v8.1 for LUW with FixPak 7 applied.

DB2 FixPaks and client software are available for free download at Follow the link for DB2 UDB Version 8 FixPaks and Clients.

In general, this chapter is written for an LUW user; however, iSeries and zSeries users can refer to the sections at the end of the chapter to obtain their platform-specific information.

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