In this chapter, weve looked briefly at the XMLSocket class and the role of socket servers in Flash movies. Youll use a socket server if you need multiuser interaction or a persistent connection to XML information. You dont need to request information from the server continually, as you would with the XML class. As new information becomes available, the socket server will feed it into your movie.

Setting up a socket server can be quite difficult, so dont undertake this process lightly. If you need the type of functionality offered by XMLSockets, you may need to spend some time looking for a socket server that is easy to set up and that provides sample applications and good documentation. Youll also need to locate a web host that supports the socket server.

If youve worked through the book, youll have seen that there are many different options for working with XML data in Flash movies. In the final chapter, well look at some of the decisions to consider when you choose which method youll use.

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