6.8 Backing up CSM

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6.8 Backing up CSM

CSM stores information in the following directories on the management server:

  • CSM Configuration Data: /etc/opt/csm

  • CSM Runtime Data: /var/opt/csm

  • RMC Data: /var/ct

Additional user customizable files are located in /opt/csm/install. We recommend that these are backed up as well.

Note that by default, /cfmroot is a symlink to /etc/opt/csm/cfmroot. If you have a lot of data in /cfmroot, your CSM backup may be large.

In order to back up /var/ct, the RMC subsystems must be shutdown. The recommended procedure to back up the CSM configuration is to run the following on the management node:

  1. Stop the RMC subsystems:

     # /usr/sbin/rsct/bin/rmcctrl -z 

  2. Back up all CSM data related directories:

     # tar -czvf csm-backup-20031119.tar.gz -C / etc/opt/csm var/opt/csm var/ct opt/csm/install 

  3. Restart the RMC subsystems:

     # /usr/sbin/rsct/bin/rmcctrl -s 

These files should be backed up periodically and after any significant change to the CSM configuration.

Additionally, you may choose to save a copy of your nodedef file to ease re-installation of CSM. If you did not save a nodedef file when you created the nodes, you can generate one from the CSM database by running:

 # lsnode -F 

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Linux Clustering With Csm and Gpfs
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