6.9 Uninstalling CSM

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6.9 Uninstalling CSM

If you want to completely remove CSM from all the nodes in your cluster and the management node, use the uninstallms command:

 # uninstallms -u 

This will:

  • Remove the CSM code from the cluster nodes by running rmnode -u -N AllNodes.

  • Uninstall CSM rpms from the management node.

  • Delete the CSM logs from the management node.

The uninstallms -u command will not remove the CSM configuration from /etc/opt/csm, the CD images from /csminstall, or the csm.core fileset from the management node. These must all be uninstalled manually, as shown in Example 6-38.

Example 6-38: Uninstalling CSM

start example
 [root@master /]# uninstallms -u WARNING:  The command will clean the nodes and remove all the nodes, node groups and uninstall Management Server. If you want to continue , press "y". Otherwise press Enter to quit. y Did not remove the directories or files /csminstall, /cfmroot. Did not Remove the Packages csm.core. Did not uninstall the Open Source prerequisites. The remote shell (SSH or RSH) have not been unconfigured on the Management Server. To ensure security, you should unconfigure the remote shell on the server manually. [root@master /]# rpm -e csm.core [root@master /]# rm -rf /etc/opt/csm /csmintall [root@master /]# 
end example

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Linux Clustering with CSM and GPFS
Linux Clustering With Csm and Gpfs
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